Laminated Strong Eco-Material for Building Construction made of Cellulose-Strengthened Wood

19 September 2017
CelluWood Project Final Workshop 
Laminated Strong Eco-Material for Building Construction made of Cellulose-Strengthened Wood - Final Outcomes

The CELLUWOOD project final workshop was held at the Catalan Institute of Wood in Lleida, Spain. The project developed technologies and final products were presented to the wood construction stakeholders and resin manufactures. The workshop gave a comprehensive overview of the project outcomes.

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Resin and glue testing Tecnifusta April 2013.
Press release meeting in l'Escala April 2013.

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03 March 2014
CELLUWOOD promoted at HABITAT fair, Spain
By ibrahimovic @ 07:50

CELLUWOOD project was promoted by project partner AIDIMA at HABITAT fair, Valencia, Spain. 

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28 November 2013
Next project meeting to be held in East Sussex, UK on 3rd December 2013
By ibrahimovic @ 15:31

The meeting will be hosted by projcet coodinator InWood Developement. The aim of the meeting will be to discuss the progress of the projcet tasks and futher actionas. During the meeting projcet partners will have also an oportunity to vist the InWood Development factory.

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19 July 2013
By ibrahimovic @ 12:39

The European Conference on Wood Modification is now firmly established as the premier event dedicated to all global wood modification technologies. This conference, the seventh in the series, provides a forum for members of research organisations and companies to learn about the latest developments in this rapidly changing field.

Deadline for abstract submission 30 September 2013.


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Thematic Priority:
CIP Eco-Innovation First Application and Market
September 2011 - September 2014
Partners:  7 EU partners


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