24 November 2017
Our Results/Outputs

Major outputs and results

The project results can be classified in two groups:
New adhesive, bonding and structural components:
- lignin-based gluing system;
- nanocellulose epoxy and casein resin for eco-beams;
- inorganic core material for eco-columns.
Structural construction products: 
- eco-beams and eco-columns.

Ultimate outcomes of the CELLUWOOD project are the eco-beams and eco-columns, produced in the two partner companies TECNIFUSTA ENGINYERIA SL and Inwood Developments Ltd. The developed natural binding systems have been applied to both eco-beams and eco-columns. The processing technologies have been tailored with the application of the natural bioresin systems. This could be done with the conventional production facilities and gluing lines in the companies. No extra investment where required to apply the developed resins and gluing systems.

Publicly available reports

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